A Little Irish In The Coffee

Some say it’s a waste of good whiskey and good coffee. Maybe. But it’s the only thing I drink, and that seldom. I like the whipped cream on top. I like the conviviality, and a good memory it brings back.

Back in the day, a friend took me to the Buena Vista on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. We were jammed in like sardines but the atmosphere was light and bright and everyone was a friend.

Irish Coffee. Don’t mind if I do.

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  1. The Irish coffee was as you suggested, smooth and creamy! We have loved going to the Buena Vista for years and it is always standing room only. Last night, however we were fortunate to slide by a table of 5 who were just leaving. The 3 of us and our newly acquired trolley friends sat in the still warm chairs! It is just part of San Francisco, like the trolleys and the street entertainers.

  2. Hey, Liz!

    I don’t know whether your comment made me thirsty or just “homesick” for California, or both.

    So nice to keep up with you on Facebook. Have wonderful holidays!


  3. I found youuuuuu!
    I love Irish Coffee too. Lots and Lots of whipped cream cuz I like coffee with my cream anyway. Iris Coffee is warm. It’s cozy. and simply delish. Now with a friend it’s even perfect.

  4. Welcome to WordPress, Pat. Your site is clean and neat, like everything else you write.

    Happy Holidays, my friend.

  5. Oh, man, the Buena Vista. Downed many an Irish there when I lived in the city.
    Pat, your longing for an Irish Coffee reminded me of my grandmother. A Texan, and a life-long fundamentalist Baptist, she none-the-less kept a large bottle of Mogan David wine under the sink. On occasion, she’d mix some with 7-up before going to bed…for medicinal purposes, of course!
    So, next time you are out, get that booze and stash it for emergencies! Merry Christmas, and congrats on tackling a new website. Bah, Humbug on Google!!!

  6. Welcome back to Bloggistan, Pat!!! And WordPress, while it may not be user-friendly, gives you very nice templates, such as this one, and is rock-solid.

    Great to have you back.

  7. Glad you’re set up! Whipped cream….yum.


  8. Jinx,
    Seems as if everyone hits the Buena Vista at one time or another. Good times, huh!
    I never got a taste for wine, even after 50 years in California. One exception: champagne. Love it. Don’t dare imbibe these days. It would probably have me trying to swing from a chandelier. lol

  9. Hi, Earl: So glad you came by! Got my fingers crossed for TALL CHANCE. Happy holidays, ol’ bud!

  10. Tim,

    I keep reading that blogs and e-mail are soon to go the way of the dodo bird because the younger generation is into texting. Bah, humbug, I say.

    I still don’t have a handle on WordPress but I have a guru at my beck and call, more or less. A member of the Oklahoma Writers Federation says I can call or e-mail her for help any time, so I’ll give her a call after Christmas — if I can wait that long.

    Your Blog Cabin is just great, but you have a web person who does it for you, right?

    Technology — gotta love it.


  11. Hi, Madeline:

    So glad you stopped by! Messing with this blog sure cut into my reading time, but I will catch up with you on Route 66 — that’s a promise!
    Happy Holidays!


  12. Judy,

    Do you plan to attend the OWFI conference in May? Maybe we could get the bartender at the hotel to whip up Irish Coffee for us, reckon? lol

    Thanks for stopping by, and happy holidays!


  13. Pat — I work with a person (two, actually) who create the forms and linking, and do the graphics. I’d love to be able to do it myself, but candidly, that’s never going to happen. I barely have time to write.

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