Stormy weather

So far this week has been a terror, with wind and hail Tuesday night beating on my windows like the world coming to an end. Tonight seems calmer, although high winds are supposed to kick in about midnight. Well, maybe, maybe not.

Last night our tornado siren went off while I was eating supper. Bummer! I just took my plate and went to my walk-in closet and finished supper and finally the siren stopped.

It made for an uneasy night’s sleep so today I settled my nerves with a trip down Memory Lane — I listened to The Beatles on You Tube.

Paul McCartney singing “When I’m Sixty-Four” brought back some great memories of a trip to London. My niece and I took a taxi out to McCartney’s house and the cab driver serenaded me with “When I’m Sixty-Four.” Then he hoisted my niece up to look over the wall into McCartney’s yard.

Now Sir Paul is rich and famous and 69 and I am way past. I’d give anything to be 64 again. It was a good year.

Oh, well — I love the recording, but — gulp! — Paul sounds like he’s about 12 years old. If my voice has changed that much I must sound well over 150.

The tatty old photo of Yours Truly stepping into the taxi was snapped with a Polaroid camera. The photo of Paul McCartney is from Wikipedia.
The You Tube recording of “When I’m Sixty-Four” is at:


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