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  1. Pat:

    I love this blog. I had to check it out to see if you were located near our coastal town in Massachusetts. Whoa! It looks like you’re on the West Coast. The photos make me very envious.
    And now I must add Prince of Wales tea to my list because it sounds delicious and I like to get recommendations from those in the know.

    Wishing you an outstanding 2021. Thanks for the comments about A NOSE FOR HANKY PANKY. Best, Sharon Love Cook

    • Hi, Sharon:
      I lived in Central California for 50 years but moved back to Oklahoma when my husband died. The photo on the blog is a cut of Moonstone Beach, a place we both loved. I miss California!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Pat,
    My name is Scott Bensema and I found your site several years ago while searching the web for information about the 421st bomber squadron. You had posted a couple of stories about Le Triplett and his experiences in WWII. The story that he told about how he lost his crew contained information that I never expected to find. My grandfather, Robert Bensema, was on the crew with Eric Gran that was shot down that night. Do you have any more information that Le provided you that you might be willing to share?

    • Scott, I lost most of my previous posts when my original blog was hacked. Plus, Le Triplett died a few months ago. I think he was the last survivor of that crew. I like to think there was a great reunion somewhere in an alternate universe.

      Getting Le to talk about the war was like pulling teeth with a pair of pliers. He did send me a riveting description of firebombing Tokyo. I will look it up and send it to you.

      Meantime, Daniel Fay is the son of Eric Gran’s first wife, who married Mr. Fay after Eric’s death. With your permission I will pass your e-mail along to him. I don’t think he has any more information than I originally posted, but one never knows.

      Pat Browning

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